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Request your personalized quote for the creation of the promotional video of your book, e-Book or Audiobook, using the CUSTOM service.
create advertising video for books
CUSTOM promotional video for books and audiobooks intended for marketplaces, social media, the web in general, as well as classic advertising channels.
The service includes the production of a video with the following features:
  • HD (1080p) / 4K (2160p) |
  • duration up to 90 sec and more |
  • Planning and briefing with the client to identify the correct strategy to enhance the content of the video |
  • Choice of background color, background movies, editing supplements, etc.
  • Free choice of animated elements (book/Smartphone/tablet/e-book, bundles, etc…) |
  • Unlimited number of animated texts |
  • Any other customer needs, such as voiceover, interview, presenter, reviewer, etc… |
  • Customization of music and acoustic effects |
  • 3 requests of changes included free of charge |
  • Versions in cuts of customized movie size (Vertical, square or custom resolution) |

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Promo Video Examples for Books, eBooks and Audiobooks

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