Request a CUSTOM Video

Request a quote for the creation of a CUSTOM promotional video of your product or service
creation of basic product video
CUSTOM promotional video for products or services intended for marketplaces, social media, web in general, as well as classic advertising channels.
The service includes the production of a video with the following features:
  • HD (1080p) – 4K (2160p) |
  • duration up to 90 sec and more |
  • Pre-production planning and briefing |
  • Unlimited textual interventions
  • Movies, images, multimedia animation supplements, editing supplements and any unlimited content |
  • Total customization of the video with the addition of voiceovers, multilingual, shooting with operator, 3d modeling, 360 ° movies, and everything that can realize the vision of your video |
  • Music and background of your choice |
  • 2 rounds of modifications including |
  • Advanced | Support


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