Video Product ADVANCED quote

Create your personalized quote for the creation of the promotional video of your product or service, starting from the ADVANCED service
creation of basic product video
ADVANCED promotional video for products or services intended for marketplaces, social media, web in general, as well as classic advertising channels.
The service includes the production of a video with the following features:
  • HD (1080p) |
  • duration 15 sec – 45 sec |
  • Insertion of 6 images or 2 Video of the product or service (Provided by the customer, alternatively an image will be chosen as close as possible) |
  • Logo insertion of the Brand or Company (Provided by the customer) |
  • Up to 7 text interventions included – Max 500 characters text content |
  • Choice of music indicating genre of reference or will be chosen by us based on the theme |
  • 1 request for changes included |


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