We specialize in the audiovisual translation of multilingual content. At BIG we know the broadcast universe very well, with hundreds of localized television products since 2005, thanks to the partnership with the Dream & Dream dubbing studio, we have been able to transpose the textual content into Italian or other languages, keeping unchanged creative production choices.
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Video Distributed on the Web - Thematic Channels, WebSeries
At BIG we embrace the evolution of audiovisual content distribution, we help content creators around the world to bring their content in the Italian language to various video sharing platforms, thanks to our twenty years of experience in video, audio and dubbing post-production.
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Online Training - VideoCourses and Tutorials
Whether distributed via the web, on optical media or internally in dedicated corporate channels, online training has become an increasingly established trend in this era. BIG is aware of this and supports its customers in the localization of these delicate contents, which often require particular attention due to the technical peculiarities of the terminologies adopted or the formats requested.
BIG Video Agency has twenty years of experience, we work with creative, production, dubbing and advertising studios, with actors, voice actors and professional technicians, young talents and startups.