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Videos from 149€

Making a high-quality and high-impact promotional video can cost up to several thousand euros! BIG – Video Agency offers packages with preset options that allow us to speed up and simplify the production process.

What is included in the BASIC video?

Text Content

The BASIC Video includes 5 motion titles to convey your message to your customers.

Provide us with the texts, and we will do the magic. If you do not know what to write, a copywriter of our staff can take care of creating the most suitable phrases for the video you want to make.


You can insert 3 images or 1 movie clip within your video to represent your product or service. Of course, your brand logo is always included. Your brand logo is always included.

If this number of contents is insufficient, you can add more with the additional options or choose a higher package.

Additional services

Always included a dedicated music soundtrack and a round of changes if you don’t like something.

Additional options are always available, images, movies, professional voices, edits, shots, and everything you need to create the video as you want!


You can choose to make a video only with Motion Titles

Simplicity is always the best choice! A video only with motion titles is the perfect way to get the message across to those who will watch you without the risk of confusion.

Direct. Simple. Effective.


Images and movies with the perfect soundtrack

You can provide us with the images or movies, and we will assemble them, or you can leave us the task of selecting these materials from the vast libraries we have access to. We will choose the most suitable content for your service or product to make the video of great visual impact. And the soundtrack? It is always included, and we care to adapt it to the rhythm and mood of the images.

Choose the right video for you.

Whether you need to promote a product on an e-commerce site or marketplace, or advertise your professional service,
if you need a video for your social networks to increase visibility, grow a community, view your products in your local or project on a screen at an event, now you can create the perfect video for your needs!

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